bob marley quotes

"Illuminate the darkness."

We have no education, but
it is inspiring, if I
was educated, I should
become crazy.
                                      Bob Marley Quotes

They say that real girls are not always perfect.
The truth is, the perfect girls are not real.

I wish we all hippies and we did
yoga, lived and chalets, smoked
weed accepted everyone for who they
and are listened to wonderful music.!

I'm so high all
time, I don't remember
having said all that shit
quotes attributed to me .. 

Do not play with
peoples mind.

You can not find it
right when roads,
the streets are paved. 

Education is not preparation
for life; education is life
                         Bob Marley Quotes

Genius free
Education is like
silver in the mine. 

God sent me on earth. he
send me to do something.
And nobody can stop me.
If God wants to stop.
so I stopped. The man never can. 

You do not know your strength
are to be strong is the only
option you have. 

You must go on
and be crazy. Madness
is like heaven. 

The stone that the builder
denied, always will
head cornerstone. 
                               Bob Marley Quotes

It was not the same as I remembered
it was as if something in him grew
cold. After all this time, I finally found me
the real person I'm in love
for so long. I can honestly say, I
no longer need him in my life. 

There we
can free our minds.

Sometimes you have
the distance you see
things clearly. 

In life, I know that there
a lot of pain, but your
love is my relief. 

Your worst enemy could
be your best friend, and
your best friend your
worst enemy.

My hand was strong
by the hand of the Almighty.

Here the world.
Beautiful and terrible things
what's going to happen. Don't
to angst.

There must be a place
better. That his in heaven
So right before I sleep
Dear God. I ask
Remember this face,
save me a place,
in thug's mansion. 

Just because you're happy
this does not mean that the
day is perfect, but you
looked beyond its imperfection.
                                            Bob Marley Quotes

In this bright future you
can not forget your past. !

We really should
love each other in peace
and consistency. 

Me, have one ambition,
Why learn? I have only one
What I really did see humanity
live together-Blae see happen.
I lick, white, Chinese, everyone
that's all.!

you're not supposed to feel depressed
everything that happens to you.
I mean, you're supposed to move
whatever you get some
type up not a negative point.!
                                                Bob Marley Quotes

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Bob marley money quotes

Too many people spend money, but
they have not won. but things
they do not want, to impress people
they do not like.
                      Bob Marley Quotes 

Freedom of expression carried with it
some freedom to listen.

Money is not real, it does not matter.
It seems like it does.

Having money is not everything.
Not having it.

Never spend your money before
you have it.

Beware of little expenses, a small leak
will sink a strong ship.

Try to save something for your salary
is small; it is impossible to save after
start earning more. 
                             Bob Marley Quotes

You prerequisite take control over you
money or the lack of it will be forever
control you. 

If you lend money either
lose money or gain an enemy.

Money and success do not change
people, they just amplify
what is already there.

If you have extra than you need,
you have to give. It is
a duty. I can choose who
sponsor, and I want to give the
areas that I know something. 

"Beauty is not to have a pretty face.
Her to have a nice spirit,
a beautiful heart, and especially
a beautiful soul.

Man is a universe in itself.

Open your eyes, look within.
Are you satisfied
life you live?

I know I'm smart,
because I know I know

Life always gives you a second
luck. It is called tomorrow.
                                       Bob Marley Quotes

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Bob Marley Love Quotes

bob marley love quotes

I said it would be
be easy, I'm just saying it would
worth it.
                                      Bob Marley Quotes
Open your eyes, look
in. Are you satisfied
with the life you live?

Then say: only the fittest
the fittest survive,
stay alive.!

I learned that you can not do
someone love you.
All you can do is be someone
who can be loved.
The rest is up to them.
I learned that no matter
how much I care,
some people do not care.
And this is not the end of the world.

Ultimately, we will
remember not the words
of our enemies, but
the silence of our
                          Bob Marley Quotes
Harmony is one phase
law whose spiritual
expression is love.

When you touch someone
with your mind, and in turn
they touch your soul with
their heart. 

Optimism is the
best way to see life. 

To give someone a peace
Your heart is worth more
than all the wealth of the world. 

Possession make you rich?
I do not have that kind of wealth.
My wealth is life,
                                  Bob Marley Quotes

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Bob Marley Motivational Quotes

bob marley motivational quotes

"Only once in your life, I really believe you
find someone who can completely turn
your world around. you tell them things
you've never shared with another soul
and they consume everything you say and
really want to know more. You share the hope
for the future, dreams that will never come
True, goals are never achieved and
the life of many disappointments threw
yours. When something wonderful happens,
you can not wait to tell them about it, knowing
they will share in the emotion. They are
not embarrassed to cry with you when
are ill or laugh with you when
make a fool of yourself. '  
                                                                                          Bob Marley Quotes

"Some people feel(ambience) the rain.
others just get wet."

"Do not worry about a thing.
Every little thing is going
be well."

"If it is incredible.
It will not be easy.
If it's easy, it
wont be amazing.
If it is worth it, you
give up the habit, if you
give up, you are not
worthy. The truth is,
everyone will
to harm you: you just
have to find those
worth suffering for."

"The most beautiful curve
on a body of a woman is her

"The greatness of a man is
not in how much wealth he
achieve, but in his integrity
and its ability to affect the
around him positively."

"The truth is, anybody is
will hurt you. you
just got to find those
worth suffering for."

"Love the life you live,
Live the life you love."

                                                                                       Bob Marley Quotes
"You never know how
you are strong to be
strong is the only choice
you have."

"You say you love rain.
But you use an umbrella to walk under it.
you say you love the sun.
but looking for a shelter when it shines.
You say you love the wind.
But when it comes you adjacent your windows.
So this is why I'm scared,
when you say you love me."

"Over the coming demons
with a thing called

"The largest is a coward
man awakeness of a woman
love without intent
like ."

"One good thing about music
when it hits you feel no pain. ''

"Screw yourself
and live
in vain.
Live for others
and live

"Money is the number and numbers
never end. If it takes money to be
happy. your pursuit of happiness
will never end. "

"Do not worry
a thing. every little
thing will be

If puss and dog can
meet, why
can not we love each

The people trying
to make this world worse
do not take the day off.
Why should I?

Do not gain the world and
lose your soul, wisdom is
better than silver or gold.

Open your eyes, look within
Are you satisfied with life
you live?

"If you get down and quarrel
everyday. You say
prayers to the devil, I say."

                                                                                               Bob Marley Quotes
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Bob Marley Love Quotes

Bob marley inspirational quotes

"Find earth where grows not need, and you can
find a heart in which no error increases. ''
                                                            Bob Marley Quotes
"If everyone smoked
blunt, relieve the mind,
world could be a better place
If everyone took a break
and we just wasted. ''

"When I was a little baby, I
remember a time
calm peace, and 3 minutes
after that, it was over. ''

"Arise and take your position
once again.''

"There we
can free our soul. ''

Cant cope?
Do not mope,
There is hope!
Smoke Dope.

"Reach high, for
stars are hiding in your
dream deep soul,
every dream precedes
the goal.''
                    Bob Marley Quotes

Men and people will fight
you down when you see
the light. let me tell you if
you are not evil
everything is fine.''

"The strongest of the strongest
survive. '!                

"Be who you are and what you express
feel. But those who mind Don't
matter and those who matter
Do not mind. ''

"No woman, no cry.!

Do not worry, be merry. ''

"Only a fool will bite on flying bird.!

"You should look like barbie,
and smoke like Marley. ''

Not "need of March quo. ''

"When you smoke the herb,
It affirm you to yourself. "

"My music always will be.
Maybe it's a fool say that,
but when I know facts
I can tell the facts.
My music always will be. '!

"I'm not for the black
The human side, I will stand
the white mans hand I am
for Gods side."
                                  Bob Marley Quotes

"Herb is the healing of a nation,
alcohol is the destruction. ''

"You will find the strength to know
you have a true friend and
perhaps a soul mate who
remain faithful to the end. "

"Money can not buy life. "

"Do not forget your history
Nor your destiny."

"When a door is closed,
Don; t you know, another is open. ''

"We have a mind of our
own so go to hell if it
you think is
right." "Get up, stand up, stand up for
your rights Get up, stand up.
Do not give up the fight. ''

"I think the most beautiful
people who are
crossed the hardest
situations in life, but
somehow managed to keep
a smile on their face, especially
if they have a bright charisma
to go with that smile."
                                     Bob Marley Quotes

"Make way for the
positive day."

"Better to die fighting for freedom
be a prisoner every day of your life."

"One Love,
A heart,
A destiny."

"A love a heart,
Let's get together
and feel good. "!

"Love would never
Leave us solo."

"The good times of today.
They are the bitter thoughts of tomorrow. "!

"Bob 'Marley is not my name,
I do not 'even know
my name yet."

"When the race turn into difficult
run. It simply means you
can not take the pace. "

"The truth is that people will
to hurt you; you just have
to find them worth
suffering for it. ''

"Make my sweet coffee
and warm, just the way you
used to in my arms. "!

"A hungry mob is a
angry mob. "!

"You Emancipate mental disorders
slavery. No, but we can free
our minds. "
                                    Bob Marley Quotes

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bob marley hindi quotes

संगीत का एक मीठी बात है, जब ये अपने ऊपर प्रहार करती है,
अपनेको दर्द नही लगता!
                                              Bob Marley Quotes

अच्छायी मेरी भविष्यत् है!

बच्चों को आप सच्च बताना!

मै मृत्यु में भरोसा नहीं करता,
ना देह में  और ना ही आत्मा में!

आप कभी भी जान नहीं पावोगे की आप कितने मजबूत
हो जब तक मजबूत होने के सिवाय तुम्हारे पास कोई
और विकल्प न हो!

अपने जीवन के सरे दिन एक कैदी की तरह गुजारने से
अच्छा है आजादी के लिए लड़ते हुआ में जावो! 

                                                            Bob Marley Quotes
अपनी आत्मा को खो के संसार को हासिल मत करो,
ज्ञान सोने और चांदी से बेहतर है!

अंत में सब अच्छ होगा अगर कुछ अच्छा
नहीं है तो ये अंत नहीं है!

पैसा एक आकंड़ा है और का कोई अंत नहीं होता अगर
पैसे से सुख मिल सकता है तो आपकी
सुख की खोज कभी खत्म नहीं होगी!

ईश्वर से ये उम्मीद मत रखो के वो करेगा
जो आप दूसरे के लिए नहीं करते!

अपना इतिहास और अपना भाग्य मत भूलो!

पैसे से तुम जीवन नहीं खरीद सकते!

प्यार नाम की चीज से असुरो को कभो करो!

स्वयं के भीतर आदमी एक ब्रह्माण्ड है!
                                                         Bob Marley Quotes

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Cause of Death : Melanoma, also known as malignant melanoma is a type of cancer that develops from cells containing pigments known melanocytes. Melanomas typically occur in the skin but can rarely occur in the mouth, intestines or eyes . In women, they occur most often on the legs, while in men, they are most often on the back.

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Born :Robert nesta bob marley was born on 6th february 1945.
His occupation: He is a song writer, singer, musician, guitarist. And he achieved international fame and acclaim.
Home town: Trenchtown, Kingston.
Religion: Rman catholic (Baptised)
Spouse: Alpharita anderson marley
Children: Sharon Marley prendergast.
Cause of death: Metastatic melanoma in 11th may 1981
Parents: Norval sinclair Marley cedella Malcolm Booker
Instruments: Vocals, guitar, rocksteady.